Sketching Jewelry - Design Ideas to Enhance Your Work

Sketching you jewelry ideas can help you with the step-by-step process as you design your pieces.

Drawing your jewelry ideas will save you time and money, and will also enhance the quality of your designs.

It is also a fun way to capture new inspirations on the go. Get in the habit of carrying a small sketch book with you so that you can capture ideas for a jewelry design on those unexpected inspirational moments.

I was at a store yesterday and saw an item that inspired me. So, I used my book to sketch this new jewelry design. Now I can't wait to get to my studio and work!

Always carry the most important supplies with you:

Drawing book and pencil

Don’t worry; you do not need to be an artist to draw your jewelry. My drawings are very basic; just a few lines and words and my idea is captured.

sketching your jewelry

This is a simple design I created before fabricating the piece.

Rutilated Quartz by Mirbelart Jewelry

Here is the piece, there are variations from the original design, I allow the design to evolve as I work with the metal.

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From a Drawing to a Handcrafted Jewelry Piece

As you get into the habit of capturing your ideas on paper, you can see that your work can also help you with color combination. I love my Prismacolor coloring pencils and use them all the time. A color wheel also comes in handy when working with color. These two are some of the basic supplies to have at hand when creating your jewelry outlines. You sketches can also help you see the principles of design and the elements of design

color wheel

These are other handy materials and tools you may want to keep close by when you outline your jewelry ideas . Different size tip markers (I like sharpies – and have them in every color I can find).

  • Different size drawing paper notebooks. The spiral bound works best when you are creating fast jewelry ideas. Because you do not have to hold it down as hard as a bound notebook.

  • Tracing paper is a must because it allows you to make changes and alter lines to objects that are placed underneath. It also allows you to overlap different ideas and enhance your jewelry.

  • Now for my favorite: Graph index cards. I use them to measure and draw lines……I basically use them for every design. They are a staples in my studio and one of the easiest and fastest ways to capture your detailed ideas.

TIP: Outlining your jewelry can also help you keep a record of your work. I take a photo of my completed piece and paste it on my drawing books next to the original design. That way I know what changes I made, what worked and did not work. This is particularly helpful when you want to reproduce a piece.

For more ideas on Here is another great website where you can learn more about drawing and the supplies you need:

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