Setting Gemstones Adds a Creative Touch to Your Jewelry

There is a pleasure ans a challenge in setting gemstones in a way that not only gives justice to a special stone, but makes the piece both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When creating a setting for a stone ask yourself the following questions?

Setting Gemstones Using the Right Gesmstone Supplies

Will setting the gemstone serve a the focal point of a design or a component in service to some other more dominant aspect?

Planning ahead and answering these fundamental questions will assist in the many decisions that must follow, including proportion, style, texture, color, location and size.

Another important question when setting gemstones, is what kind of supplies do I need to use? Would wire work best or do I use fine silver metal strip? In order to answer these questions, you need to know some of the basics.

There are many ways to set gemstones, depending on the design that you have created and what you want your piece to look like;

Before I decide on how to set a gemstone. I sit with all my stones and a sketch pad. I take the one stone that is particularly attractive at the time and place it in the middle of the sketching page. I then begin to draw around the stone. Eventually I find a pleasing design, that reflects the message I want to communicate. Then I begin to evaluate the type how can I secure the stone into the jewelry piece I am creating.

Bezel Setting is simply a band of metal usually fine silver or gold which is shaped into the size of a cabochon stone and then soldered into place in the jewelry piece

Frame Setting

Is a backless bezel in that the holding aspect is a wall that completely surrounds the stone.

Frame settings are particularly important to use with translucent and transparent gems. Because the setting is backless, light can enhance the reflection of the stone.

Prong Settings

These are similar to an open-backed bezel from which segments have been removed at equal spacing around the rim. Prongs allow more of the stone to show, and are commonly used with faceted stones.

Cone settings, you can make you own, of course, or you can purchase them already made from Rio Grande and other jewelry making supply companies.

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