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If you been asking yourself what is the difference between a promise ring and engagement ring? What is the promise ring meaning? Can I make and sell promise rings? What are the characteristics and looks of a promise ring?

Here are some answers to help you understand a the meaning of the promise ring and their history.

A promise ring symbolizes a commitment between two people. In this modern times, promise rings are popular among typically the youth making a promise to one another. Not only can they be given by men, but they can be given by women as well. Promises that are made that can mean:

  • I will be faithful,

  • I will return,

  • I will keep a specific promise,

  • I love you,

  • I have intentions to marry you,

  • we are best friends,

  • I will always be there for you,

  • I will save myself for you,

  • I promise to stay away from a vice,

  • I promise to replace this ring with a larger stone when I can afford it,

  • I promise to follow a certain religion,

  • I promise to obtain a goal for myself.

The most important part of giving a ring is explaining why you are giving it or your intentions by giving it. In other words it is important to clarify A promise ring meaning.

Most people do not understand exactly what they are. So, by giving someone a promise ring, they may mistake it for an engagement ring. In order to avoid such confusion, give a note along with the ring or have a conversation about why you’re giving it. By doing this, not only are you avoiding confusion, you are enhancing the meaning of the ring for both parties. Another way to amplify the value of this ring for a person is to include a birth stone in the ring. It has been believed that a birth stone brings good health and fortune to that person. Also, keep in mind that there are not any formal rules that go along with promise rings, but the more expensive the ring is, typically the more serious the promise is.

The promise ring meaning is decades if not centuries old. Some of the traditional meanings of the promise ring include a commitment to go “steady” with each other, dating no one else or a step to take before engagement.

Promise rings have been used to seal commitments since the beginning of time. In ancient days, Bishops wore rings as a pledge of their spiritual union with the church. And dignitaries in Venice, Italy, once the maritime power of the world, renewed this city's "marriage promise" with the Adriatic Sea by tossing a ring into the turquoise waters on Ascension morning each year.

Although they may not have been called promise rings, it became popular during the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe to exchange rings as a token of love or friendship. One such ring was the "scribbling ring," which was set with uncut diamond crystals. Lovers used the exposed points of the diamond to etch romantic vows into windowpanes.

Social life in the ancient times had betrothals as a vital part of life. The origins of the promise ring evolved from the practice of betrothals which was quite different from an engagement. In Biblical terms a betrothal was a contract made through a public announcement. The contract covered financial arrangements and other similar affairs. The parties to the contract could not back away from it and the betrothal was legally binding. The actual wedding would take place after several months but the betrothal contract was a commitment to marriage in the future. A ring would be given by the man to the lady as part of the betrothal ceremony and the ring would be a symbol of his promise to marry her. These are the earliest recordings of the promise ring.

There are many types of rings and when making your own ring you have to consider the promise ring meaning. The ring does not have to be made with diamonds; it can integrate less expensive gemstones and pearls. They can have and engraved commitment or promise. Consider making stacking rings that can be added to commemorate special occasions.

Look for future tutorial articles about making stacking rings.

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