Make a Personal Statement

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According to fashion designers, Donna Karan and Kate Spade, the most-needed accessories in a woman’s wardrobe are those that make a unique personal statement.

As the Jewelry Information Center tells us: “Women want jewelry to reflect who they are and what they have achieved.”

The female consumer is looking for products and presentations that make her feel understood as an individual.

Your jewelry should make your own personal statement and reflect your personality. This is because the uniqueness of your work will stand out among many of the jewelry pieces being mass produced today.

Connectivity and Self Identity

The need for women to play different roles in different situations has created what is being called “fragmented living.” This lifestyle change in conjunction with the loss of traditional gender roles and family support structure has created the need for connectivity.

But connectivity is more than just superficially connecting with the customer at the point of sale; it’s about connecting the customer with product knowledge and designer biographies and addressing her social or environmental concerns. It’s about connecting the dots of her fragmented life with symbols of achievement, family and spirituality.

Let the women buyers know who you are, share the story behind every piece of jewelry you design. Let them know your inspiration.

In jewelry, this desire for connectivity in conjunction with the trend toward cross-cultural influences makes itself evident in the popularity of universal spiritual symbols and meaning of gemstones.

These icons create strong multiethnic and neo-primitive statements that give allow the jewelry buyer to identify with their own origins or to identify with a “tribe” whose values they admire.

Think about incorporating into you design a variety of finishes and surface textures that symbolize the a talismanic or historical resonance and spirituality.

With a society who is on the move, the need to connect with their ancestor’s history has become important. Using f hand engraving to create family crests or an endearment on a jewel is the ultimate in personally connecting with a piece. In other words think about creating that modern heirloom.

A Coordinated Look

This fragmented living style, along with a new flexibility in dress codes has created a renewed need for jewelry to provide the finishing touch to a look.

Jewelry buyers are looking for coordinated sets. Earrings and necklaces, or bracelets and rings interconnected by a strong designer concept and point of view. The woman of today is looking to present herself as a sophisticated consumer and connoisseur.


Cross-cultural influences have increased woman’s desire for more flexibility from jewelry.

The jewelry buyer wishes to represent herself in a more creative, non-traditional way.

Necklaces and bracelets that transform themselves and transition from day to night are highly desirable.

Body jewelry is also a new product of these merging changes, with toe rings, thumb rings, nose rings and stomachers all now requested in the realm of precious jewelry.


Color Identity

The use of color in jewelry is unlimited.

Women are blending interesting and powerful colors together.

They are learning to incorporate color into their wardrobe to make a statement.

This is where your connection to customers and knowledge of their fashion style is key to introducing new colors and styles.

Coral and turquoise have re surged in popularity, joined these days with Tahitian cultured pearls and other color combination. Non-traditional gems have piqued interest. They are using briolette, beads and carved cabochons.

Today’s jewelry buyer is mixing and effectively wearing shades of sky blue, soft pink, vivid orange, acid green, yellow and periwinkle . Women are approaching color with a completely fresh perspective and new imagination. As long as the material or presentation is effective and beautiful, it will sell to today’s fashion-conscious woman.