How to be Successful at Making Money by Selling Jewelry

基本知识4C – 如何挑选钻石

Making money by selling jewelry is a challenge that many budding jewelry artists face. This article covers some basic, yet creative techniques that can help you be successful even during difficult economic times.

My personal motto has always been “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

You just need to be creative and find alternative methods and techniques for making a profit by selling your hand made jewelry.

Begin by developing a strong plan of action and consider diversifying into different marketing arenas. The mistake many jewelry artists make is to focus their energy on only one selling venue.

Plan, And You Will Succeed

Consider your personality, lifestyle and the amount of time you are willing to devote to making a living by selling jewelry.

Review your skills and personal knowledge. Are you going to be creating your own handcrafted jewelry or are you interested in selling jewelry from sources like Premier designs jewelry catalog? Can you buy wholesale silver jewelry and resell it?

How much income can you honestly invest to start your business?

How much money do you need to make in order to pay your business and personal expenses?

Once you have assessed and answered these questions is time to:

Set Goals: They keep you focused and allow you to reach your target. Goals need to be Specific – Measurable – Attainable – Relevant – Timely.

In other words, SMART

Develop a business plan: Why should I go through the trouble developing a business plan? The answer is simple:

It forces you to look at your business objectively.

It helps to focus ideas and study how feasible they are.

The finished report will serve as a guide to assess your present status and the future of your business.

It can help you manage the business and prepare you for success.

It is a strong communication tool for your business. It defines your purpose, your competition, your management and personnel.

It serves as a reality check.

It becomes a proposal to financial institutions to obtain funding for your business.

I hope this helps raise some awareness and questions when considering the jewelry trade as a career.