Bohemian Fashion Jewelry - The Use of Color Gemstones and Free Bead Patterns Give the Style a Sense of Freedom

bohemian fashion wooden beads

Bohemian fashion has its origin in Eastern Europe. It has its origins and inspiration in the gypsy and nomadic lifestyle. Today, Bohemian jewelry still represents the free nomadic life style of the gypsies and the nomadic populations. It defines the new age and free-spirited individuals.

Bohemian jewelry integrates rich gemstone colors and multi-bead strands. Bohemian jewelry follows and free bead pattern which celebrates the individuality of the person wearing it. –That individuality is one of the core values of Bohemian fashion. It represent a culture, which values self-expression and individual artistry above all else. That is one of the appeals of many of the jewelry artisans who prefer to work with the bold gemstone colors and beads.

Bohemian handcrafted jewelry has a vintage feel that makes it popular across generations. Remember the hippie era, when it was fashionable to wear bold colorful jewelry? Or the beautiful colors of the Bakelite bracelets of the 1970’s?

Styles of Bohemian Handcrafted Jewelry

Bohemian jewelry centers in the use of natural elements that emphasize the wearer’s connection to nature. It represents a strong collection to simplicity of natural things and a movement away from artificial elements. Bohemian jewelry is usually bold and heavy and has a strong focus on texture.

Multi-bead strands necklaces are at the center of the Bohemian fashion style. Thick bangle bracelets with color gemstones and dangling earrings are also part of the bohemian style. Rings tend to be large and incorporate beads and gemstones.

Bohemian jewelry is made mostly by hand because uniqueness is valued in this style. Handcrafted jewelry includes the one-of-a-kind elements and individually inspired by free bead patterns. As a jewelry artist it give me the freedom of self expression and creativity.

Bohemian fashion jewelry incorporates color gemstones, sterling silver and Mokume Gane

Color Gemstones, Bead Strands Combined with Other Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials and turquoise-beads into handcrafted jewelry gives it textures and boldness.
The following is a list of some of the most popular natural materials used:

  • Red and black coral, shells with distinctive patterns and unique colors and pearls.

  • Turquoise or other natural color stones with beautiful innate markings.

  • Amber, in the different distinctive colors and shapes.

  • Wood shaped and polished into interesting forms.

  • Leather to hang pendants or to create bold jewelry parts.

  • Copper and silver wire.

  • Carved bone shapes, usually in natural motifs such as animals or leaves.

  • Distinctive beads made from any of these natural materials in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Bohemian jewelry uses natural elements and materials to emphasize the wearer's connection to nature and the simplicity of design. Bohemian fashion incorporates the vision of the jewelry artist and the personality of the wearer.

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